Our Mission

“Tri-Lett Industries is dedicated to exceeding internal and external customer expectations in the manufacturing and fabrication of metal products for a broad spectrum of industries, through innovation, continuous learning and an uncompromising commitment to total quality leadership.”

Who We Are –
The design looks perfect, meets all engineering specifications and the client signed off on the contract. Next question becomes, HOW will the design be fabricated given the tight budget and timing requirements?

The issues surrounding design to fabrication is not new; it is a daily pain point for every engineer, designer and fabricator in the industrial arts. Since 1976, Tri-Lett has provided trusted solutions to the most complex design and fabrication challenges.

Our customer base spans a broad spectrum of industries from food, lumber, waste treatment processing equipment, mining, tanks, furnaces, high tech, pumping, etc.

Let us use our know how to fabricate your design on time and on budget.

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