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Tri-Lett Industries is a custom metal fabrication solutions provider in Portland, Oregon.

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Bio-refinery Piping

I was in charge of construction on the pre-polymer plant expansion and we need a vendor for fabrication of the new Vapor Duct that was required to connect 2 of the new process pressure vessels, a separator and condenser. The design specification of the duct required it to be fabricated from 10, 18 and 24i inch Schedule 10 Super Duplex Stainless Steel pipe and required all welds to be X-rayed.

We sent the drawing and specification to several of our normal pipe vendors and they told us that pipe of that type is not available in the required sizes per our specification. Upon hearing that, I started looked at metal fabricators in the Midwest who might be able to help. This turned out to be a dead end, because none had the knowledge of how to weld the super duplex stainless or had the required qualified welding procedures so I started looking outside of the Midwest and remembered that when I lived and worked in Oregon I had used Tri-Lett Industries for specialized fabrication for different projects I was involved with. I contacted them and asked if they had the ability to take on a project of this caliber and as usual they said yes. Tri-Lett is one of the most diversified technical fabricators in the country and willing to do what the others say cannot be done. After several engineering changes and many phone conversations Tri-Lett was awarded the contract for fabrication of our Vapor Duct.

Tri-Lett was able to form the required pipe, supply pipe fittings per our specification and assemble all in a time frame that was acceptable based on our schedule.

Dennis Bravo (Denny)
Project Construction Manager

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Tri-Lett Industries

Tri-Lett Industries is a custom metal fabrication solutions provider in Portland, Oregon.